Nautican’s first-principles approach to hydrodynamic design has enabled us to provide customers with customized solutions for their specialty vessels, from cable laying ships to construction service vessels to offshore service and supply. These vessels have specialized mission requirements that require more than just basic analysis. Combining Nautican’s highly efficient nozzles, propellers, stators and rudders with careful hydrodynamic design have resulted in substantial performance improvements for a number of specialty vessels.

Our High-Efficiency Nozzle’s offer a substantial improvement in speed gains and fuel efficiency for all vessel types. The major difference between the Nautican Nozzle is the cross-sectional profile of the nozzle itself. The Nautican nozzle has thirty-six airfoil sections, which are optimized for turbulent flow. This unique framing technique, along with the profile, results in superior performance.

Nautican Nozzles combined with our highly efficient Triple Rudder systems, can revolutionize the performance of a vessel.

Designs and requirements can vary widely from vessel to vessel, and many have non-traditional needs. Nautican can specialize our propulsion systems in finding the best solution to fit your needs.