There is a vast variety of specialized and standardized fishing vessels on the water today. But no matter the type of vessel or severity of the open seas they’re operating on, all fishing vessels need to have quality equipment and systems that improve efficiency, and provide speed and power.

The Nautican Nozzle is manufactured out of thirty-six airfoil sections, which are optimized for turbulent flow. This unique framing technique, along with the profile, results in greater fuel efficiency and more available power.

Nautican Triple Rudders greatly improve the maneuverability of vessels with nozzles, by deflecting the propeller outflow up to 60 degrees to the side without the loss of thrust or loading of the engine. Triple Rudders also have low torque requirement, use single steering gear and take up very little space allowing location of the propeller further aft – leaving more space for cargo or living areas.

Rudders are delivered with all three blades and all pintle bearings assembled and aligned. In addition the Nautican nozzle and rudder can be supplied as a single integrated unit, which reduces installation time and saves on shipyard costs.

The innovative designs of both the Nautican airfoil Nozzle and Triple Rudder systems maximizes the vessel’s overall maneuverability and efficiency, which ultimately can reduce expenses and improve profits.