A Proven Way To Reduce Fuel Consumption
And Optimize Performance

Nautican’s integrated propulsion systems offer the greatest reduction of fuel consumption possible while delivering unparalleled power and maneuverability.

The Nautican Integrated Propulsion Unit combines High Efficiency Nozzles, Triple Rudders, Pre-Swirl Stators and Propellers for a level of performance that cannot be duplicated. The advanced airfoil design of the High Efficiency Nozzle has a proven 17 times less resistance than a conventional 19a KORT nozzle. The Pre-Swirl Stators further improve performance of the nozzle by four to six percent.

The integrated unit arrives fully assembled reducing shipyard installation time, while the high quality construction adds strength and durability to the Nautican system – furthering your investment with reduced maintenance costs.

The power, fuel efficiency and maneuverability gained with the Nautican unit make it ideal for strenuous shallow draft and inland conditions. We work with you in finding the perfect solution for your fleet, whether on new construction or in modernizing an aging vessel.

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