Improve Steering Capability for Safe and Quick Maneuvers

Nautican Triple Rudders greatly improve the maneuverability of vessels with nozzles. Single rudder systems can stall easily and cause a reduction in thrust, while many multi-blade systems can choke off the water flow through the nozzle.

The difference in the Nautican Triple Rudder it that it uses a differential linkage, a unique geometry, high aspect ratio foils and the cascade effect to create higher lift forces with less drag. The entire propeller outflow is deflected up to 60 degrees to the side without the loss of thrust or loading of the engine.

This deflection makes it possible for even large vessels and barge trains to make tight turns. In trials rudder side force is measured to be 74 percent of the bollard pull – a 34 percent increase over a flap (Becker) rudder system.

In addition, Nautican Triple Rudders have low torque requirement, use a single steering gear and take up very little space, allowing location of the propeller further aft and leaving more space for cargo or living space. Rudders are delivered with all three blades and all pintle bearings assembled and aligned.

In applications where two separate steering gears are used on a twin-screw vessel, the Triple Rudder enables the vessel to “walk” sideways.

Nautican Triple Rudders are part of the Nautican Integrated Propulsion Unit but can also be added onto existing nozzle applications. The rudder system is intended for vessels that tow, push, ship berth and other demanding functions.

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