Nautican Triple Rudders make significant improvements in the steering capability of ocean-going tugs, including ocean-going Articulated Tug Barges (ATB). ATBs allow for greater flexibility of the vessel and operate successfully in a variety of sea conditions. They provide a smart and environmental solution to large transportation needs and have continued to grow in use and popularity for the past many years.

Stable steering and consistent propulsion are essential for ATBs. The Nautican Triple Rudder is distinctive in that it uses a differential linkage, a unique geometry, high aspect ratio foils and the cascade effect to create higher lift forces with less drag. The entire propeller outflow is deflected up to 60 degrees to the side without the loss of thrust or loading of the engine. Triple Rudders enable the tug, with her relatively low horsepower, to turn the barge safely and quickly.

When Triple Rudders are combined with the Nautican High Efficiency Nozzles, ATBs experience excellent maneuvering characteristics, exceptional bollard pull and highly fuel-efficient performance at high operating speeds both for the tug and their barges.