Greater Fuel Efficiency with More Available Power

The advanced airfoil design of the patented Nautican High Efficiency Nozzle has 17 times less resistance than a conventional 19a KORT nozzle.

The major difference between the Nautican nozzle and a standard KORT is the cross-sectional profile of the nozzle itself. The Nautican nozzle is manufactured out of thirty-six airfoil sections, which are optimized for turbulent flow. This unique framing technique, along with the profile, results in superior performance.

In addition, the inside surface of the Nautican nozzle is made entirely of stainless steel – which eliminates the costly welding repairs that can occur with conventional nozzles. This advanced construction completely eliminates plug welds and greatly adds to the structural strength and integrity of the product.

In sea trials and client applications the nozzles help achieve:

  • • Fuel-efficiency gains of up to 30 percent
  • • Speed gains of up to two knots
  • • Bollard-pull gains of up to 60 percent over an open propeller,
  •    or 12 percent over typical 19a nozzles.

Thrust can be further increased by up to four to six percent by combining the High Efficiency Nozzle with a pre-swirl stator.

Nautican nozzles have improved performance of variety of vessels; including tugboats, fishing vessels, cable ships, cruise ships and yachts.

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