Improve Directional Stability Without Increasing Resistance

Conventional skegs increase the directional stability of towed barges, but they also increase resistance. The patented low-resistance Nautican Hydralift Skegs provide directional stability to barges with much less resistance – typically between a 35 to 50 percent improvement.

The key to this remarkable efficiency is the optimization of the skeg profile and the angle of attack to the water flow. Unlike a regular skeg, which is a long single piece, each Hydralift Skeg is made up of three narrow hydrofoils supported by a horizontal foil that holds the vertical ones in place. The vertical foils are angled inwards, similarly to a normal skeg, while the horizontal foil is angled downward, almost at the same angle as the rake.

This unique design stabilizes the barge by lifting it laterally, which counters the drift of the barge stern, provides thrust, and results in increased towing speed and fuel savings.

Hydralift Skegs give the fastest payback to ocean going barges that are towed long distances and in applications where increased speed will cut towing time and save fuel.

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