New Nautican Factory Readies First Shipment

Nautican Research and Development, with the support of Babcock Canada, opened a manufacturing and integration facility in Prince Edward Island in December of 2016. The new facility produces Nautican’s High-Efficiency marine propulsion products, and over the coming years Nautican will progressively transition the manufacturing of its Integrated Propulsion Units (IPU) to the new facility as well.

The first delivery, a set of rudders, is nearing completion and will soon be delivered to Pacific Fisherman in Seattle, WA. The rudders will be retrofitted to the fishing trawler F/V Pacific Fury this spring.

Last year, Nautican unveiled its Ocean Series IPUs, with pre-engineered components. The move to standardized components means that manufacturing is smoother, faster and more predictable.

The delivery of this first set of rudders reflects this new model and demonstrates that Nautican is now better equipped to manufacture the highest quality products more quickly and efficiently, and able to provide customers with more precise delivery dates and faster production times.

Shoepiece, BSP, links and loose parts  Rudders on pallet    Wing rudder right