Kirby Vessel Launched

The first of two Kirby ocean-going vessels constructed at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders was successfully launched yesterday, May 2, 2017. Hull S186 is equipped with a Nautican propulsion system comprising all elements aft of the gearbox companion flange: the shafts... Read more » Read more...

Kirby Vessels First to Have Completely Integrated Nautican Propulsion, Shafting and Steering System.

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders are constructing two ocean towing vessels for Kirby: Hulls S186 and S187. Both vessels are equipped with complete propulsion systems supplied by Nautican, comprising everything aft of the gearbox companion flange: shafts and bearings, Nautican IPU... Read more » Read more...

F/V Raven Sees Notable Gains

By changing to a nautican propulsion system, the F/V Raven saw significant gains in speed and fuel economy:
  • A measured increase of 13% in bollard pull,
  • A measured reduction in horsepower to achieve same vessel speed,
  • An increase in speed on average of over 1 knot and reduced fuel consumption at a given RPM,
  • A net average increase in fuel economy (nm/gal) of over 20%, and
  • A significant improvement in steering noted by the crew.

Retrofitting Z-Drives for High Speed

Nautican Units Maximize Speed and Performance for Manson Hopper Dredge

The Glenn Edwards is part of the Manson fleet of hopper dredge vessels and is the largest capacity trailing suction hopper dredge in the United States. Dredge vessels offer channel and harbor maintenance as well as upland disposal and beach nourishment. The Glenn Edwards stores just over 10,000 square meters of dredged material in hoppers to transport to disposal sites, or can disperse the material directly through discharge outlets. Read more...