F/V Raven Sees Notable Gains

By changing to a nautican propulsion system, the F/V Raven saw significant gains in speed and fuel economy:
  • A measured increase of 13% in bollard pull,
  • A measured reduction in horsepower to achieve same vessel speed,
  • An increase in speed on average of over 1 knot and reduced fuel consumption at a given RPM,
  • A net average increase in fuel economy (nm/gal) of over 20%, and
  • A significant improvement in steering noted by the crew.

South American Shipyard Launches First Tug

Nautican Units Offer Proven Performance Gains in Shallow Water Applications

An international collaboration came together in the construction of a new river pusher tug. Concordia of the Netherlands designed the RP6000 tug for the Japanese and South American owned Astillero Tsuneishi Shipyard, using Nautican high-efficiency nozzles and Nautican’s triple-rudder design. This is the first tug for the Astillero Tsuneishi Shipyard, established in a remote region of Paraguay in 2008. Read more...

Edgar Kotokak

First Application of Integrated Nautican Nozzles and Rudders Drives Improved Performance

Nautican installed customized, high-efficiency nozzles and triple rudders on the pusher-towing tug, the Edgar Kotokak. This refit significantly increased the vessel’s thrust, maneuverability and fuel efficiency, generating significant cost savings. Additionally, by supplying the nozzles and rudders as an integrated unit, Nautican reduced shipyard installation time and cost. Read more...

Island Monarch

Nautican Triple Rudders Improve Vessel Handling & Performance

Nautican installed high-efficiency Triple Rudders to improve the steering capability on the Island Monarch, the pusher tug of an ocean-going Articulated Tug Barge (ATB). The rudders significantly improved the Island Monarch’s handling and enabled the tug – with her relatively low 3000 horsepower – to turn the barge safely and quickly. Read more...