Arctic Tug Exceeds Expectations –

Second of Three Foss Maritime Arctic Tugs Exceeds Expectations.

The second of three state-of-the-art Arctic Class tugs being built by and for Foss Maritime, the Denise Foss, entered service this summer. The Denise is an ABS D0 ice class tug, meaning the hulls are designed specifically for polar waters and are reinforced to maneuver in ice. 

Denise Foss 05_13_16 002 copyThe first of the three Arctic tugs, the Michele Foss debuted in 2015 and has performed above and beyond expectations. The Michele led the way in safely pioneering a new route across the North Slope, while operating in extreme conditions of first year ice a meter thick.

The new Denise Foss, exceeded owner expectations even further in sea trials, by pulling 106.9 tonnes in ABS certified bollard testing.

“We were really pleased to see the results of this second test, which was done in deep water conditions in Puget Sound,” said Elizabeth Reynolds Boyd, President of Nautican. “While the first test exceeded Foss’s 100 tonne goal, it was done in fresh water, so this latest test is a better example of the true capability of these boats.”

The Denise Foss is a 130-ft ocean towing vessel equipped with a pair of Nautican Integrated Propulsion units, comprised of 126” Ice Class propellers, Nautican triple-rudders, and integrated pre-swirl stators. The vessel is powered by two Caterpillar C28-8 diesel engines, rated at 7,268 hp.

Nautican will deliver a third ship set in September for the third vessel in the series.


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